The second project meeting for PIANO took place last 5th February. The meeting was held online, due to the ongoing pandemic situation. It was an occasion to share the status of the ongoing activities and the developments that have been made among the project partners, Leonardo Helicopter Division (LHD) and the CS2JU. 

ICR, as WP1 leader and coordinator, presented the progress achieved in the field of ATPA. New clustering techniques, which allow finding the subsystems of a complex system such as the tilt-rotor in an objective way, are being developed. In addition, an experimental ATPA test campaign is being arranged together with LHD to take place during this year.

TechnoFirst Next Generation, as WP2 leader, gave an overview about the ANC strategy to be implemented in the tilt-rotor. DSL-NTUA, in turn, presented the performance of some ANC algorithms conceived for the present application.

Future steps will be focused on further development of ATPA tools, the definition of ANC general specifications, as well as more insight on ANC new algorithms.