ATPA tests have started at Leonardo Helicopters

Last July the first experimental campaign of PIANO was performed by ICR vibroacoustic R&D team. It took place at the Leonardo Helicopter Division (LHD) facilities, in Cascina Costa, Italy.

An Advanced Transfer Path Analysis (ATPA) test was conducted in a tiltrotor aircraft prototype developed by LHD.

A static ATPA analysis was undertaken in the passenger cabin and tiltrotor structure to further understand the noise and vibration transmission paths throughout the critical parts of the aircraft. This analysis also provided experimental data which will allow the comparison and validation of numerical models currently developed.

The measurement campaign results were fruitful and a new campaign is being arranged along with LHD to take place in the upcoming months. Future steps will be focused on further development of ATPA tools and obtention of SEA factors from experimental ATPA results.