New results from the Piano project have been presented in Euronoise 2021.

The Dynamic Structural Laboratory (DSL) of the University of Athens (NTUA) presented “A narrowband virtual sensing ANC using ESPRIT for an aircraft interior” in Euronoise 2021.

The conference was planned to be in Madeira, Portugal, but it finally turned into an “e-Congress” held online, from 25th to 27th of October 2021.

DSL participates in PIANO developing innovative ANC algorithms. The work presented in Euronoise includes a virtual sensing strategy and for the attenuation of narrow band noise produced by the propellers of a small aircraft. ESPRIT algorithm is used as a frequency estimator for the reference signal. Results show the creation of a quiet zone that allows big freedom of movement for the passenger’s head.

A link to the presentation can be found here: